high-performance computer based on “Loongson 3A”...
( 2011-06-10 )
China’s first teraflop high-performance computer based on “Loongson 3A” and homemade devices is successfully developed in NHPCC
Employing homemade devices, high-performance general-purpose processing chips - Loongson 3A, and technology, China's first teraflop high-performance computer "KD-60" has been co-developed by University of Science and Technology of China and Shenzhen University. It has passed by the experts organized by the Anhui Science and Technology Agency on April 17 2010.

KD-60 high-performance computer
This is another important breakthrough in the area of the localization of China's high-performance computers ever since the successful development of the high-performance computer "KD-50-I" in the end of 2007, which was based on the "Loongson 2F" processor. September 2009, the Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Computing Technology successfully developed a quad-core 64-bit Loongson-3A high-performance general-purpose processors. With this processing chip and the support of "985" phase ii innovative platform construction project, the project development team, which is led by Guoliang Chen, member of Chinese Academy of Science, has finally succeeded in development of KD-60 after several months of intense work and technical research.

Appraisal meeting venue
Compared with KD-50-I, the volume of KD-60 is reduced by one third, which is equivalent to the size of a household washing machines, and the overall power consumption is only 2381 watts, which is 56% lower than before. This computer is very suitable for high-performance computing and innovative talents training. Also, it can be applied to related research military science, national security as well as national economic construction and other aspects which requires large amounts of scientific and engineering computing. Furthermore, it will provide excellent services for our country's growing needs to large, dense, high-performance computing. Because of previous characteristics, simple application condition, and easy to spread, so KD-60’s development prospects are very bright.


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