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Parallel Computer Architecture




Parallel Computer Architecture


"Parallel computer architecture": In this book, the authors put contemporary scalable parallel computer architecture as the theme from the perspective of hardware and software, focused on symmetric multi-processor systems, massively parallel processor systems, distributed shared memory systems and cluster systems. Those composition principles, structural characteristics, key technologies, performance analysis, system design methods and the corresponding instances and so on are discussed. Eight chapters can be divided into three units: the first unit for the parallel computer architecture based parts, including the introduction (Chapter I), performance evaluation (Chapter II) and the interconnection network (Chapter III); second unit for the mainstream parallel computer systems, including symmetric multi-processor systems (Chapter IV), massively parallel processor system (Chapter V) and the cluster system (Chapter VI); third unit is more in-depth content of a parallel computer architecture, including distributed shared memory system (Chapter VII) and parallel machine problems and delays in communication (Chapter VIII).
This book is for senior undergraduate students and graduate students and it can be also available for researcher in computer architecture and related areas.

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