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Parallel Computing - architecture, algorithm, programming




Parallel Computing - architecture, algorithm, programming



"Parallel computing: architecture, algorithm, programming" (Revised Edition): This book introduces parallel computing hardware - modern parallel computer systems which is the platform of parallel computing, parallel algorithm design and parallel numerical algorithms which is the core of parallel computing, and parallel program design principles and methods which is software support for parallel computing. This book stressed the unified structure of parallel architecture, parallel algorithms and parallel programming as a whole, which can reflect the latest academic achievements and trends. There are totally fifteen chapters in this book, divided into four units: first includes parallel computer system architecture model, modern symmetric multi-processor, massively parallel processor, cluster systems, and parallel computing performance evaluation; second includes parallel algorithms general design strategies, basic design and general design process; third includes matrix operations, dense and sparse linear equations solving and fast Fourier transform; fourth includes parallel programming, shared memory and distributed memory systems parallel programming and parallel programming environments and tools. This book is for senior undergraduate students of computer science and graduate students of computational science and engineering. This book is also available in the parallel program design and implementation of scientific computing.

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