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Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithm




Design and Analysis of Parallel Algorithm



“Design and analysis of parallel algorithms" (3rd Edition): In this book, the author discussed many computational problems in the computer field and their parallel algorithms. On many classical parallel computing models, lots of classical parallel algorithms are present, so that this book is not only a textbook but also one good research survey of parallel algorithms. There are 20 chapters in this book, including 4 chapters for basic knowledge (introduction, design, prefix calculation, sort and selective network), 9 chapters for parallel algorithms (sorting and selection algorithms, distributed algorithms, parallel search, routing algorithm, string matching, expression evaluation, context-free languages, graph algorithms, computational geometry algorithm), 3 chapters for parallel numerical algorithms (matrix operations, numerical computing, fast Fourier transform), 4 chapters for theoretical knowledge (combined search, randomized algorithms, VLSI computational theory, parallel computation theory). As a textbook, this book is for senior graduate students of computer science.


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